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An Everything Bagel of Good News

| August 16, 2022

These days, an encouraging word can feel like a relief. Here are a few positive stories I’ve noticed lately – like an “everything bagel” sprinkled with good news.

  • I saw a recent report in The Guardian about the Great Barrier Reef. It shows that despite concerns about pollution and other threats, scientists have seen record coral cover for the Australian aquatic wonder, the most in 36 years.
  • I’ll admit I’m a little addicted to my phone. How about you? A University College London study says that smartphone use actually aids memory skills, by taking on mundane memory tasks and freeing your brain up to think about other things. Phew!
  • Did you see the emu videos going around? Viral social media star Taylor Blake and her bird pal Emmanuel Todd Lopez are using their newfound fame to provide classroom supplies for teachers around the country.

Hope this makes your day a little shinier! As for the markets, the economy, and all the other financial news, I’m keeping an eye on those stories for you, too.