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Lost River Gorge

Lost River Gorge

| October 13, 2021

Hello All!!!

This is Robyn, Eric's assistant (who you have probably talked to several times 😊).

I wanted to share an amazing experience that I had this past weekend. If you have not been to the Lost River Gorge in North Woodstock, NH, I highly recommend it. Right now the trees are perfect, the weather is cooperating, and it will be an experience you will never forget. 

There are lots of stairs, so if you have a problem climbing this is not the adventure for you, but there are plenty of places to take breaks and enjoy the scenery!

If you have little ones (or are a small human yourself) several of the caves have tunnels which are SO much fun to explore! My 9 year old had an incredible time (despite complaining that it was going to take, "A WHOOOOOLE HOUR!?!?!?" before we started 😂). 

Here is a link to their site: Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves - North Woodstock, New Hampshire.

I'd love to head about your adventures and new places to go! Please write or call anytime to check in and say, "Hi": Robyn.Orfield@AZTECFG.Com or (603) 343-4515.

~Robyn Orfield