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Making Time for Travel and Living Life to the Fullest

Making Time for Travel and Living Life to the Fullest

| March 15, 2022

Making Time for Travel and Living Life to the Fullest…

…is something Eric Wasson, CFP, of AZTEC Financial Group certainly knows how to do! After all, we only get one chance to explore this amazing world. If travel is something you aspire to do during retirement or beforehand, we hope this story inspires you to get out there and do what you love now, but also to plan wisely for the future so you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest!

Big Sky, Montana: 2022

While Eric has been skiing in many beautiful places around the world, this year, he has a solid itinerary for skiing right up until we run out of snow. And as a member of the Seacoast Ski Club, he has been lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing trips with local ski enthusiasts. His recent trip to Big Sky Resort in Montana is a story that will inspire, shock, and maybe even frighten you a bit, but rest assured that Eric is an advanced skier, and he loved EVERY minute of the extraordinarily challenging experience. 

For Eric, no ski trip would be complete without at least one double black diamond on the list of trails to hit, but in this case, he decided to try a triple black diamond at Big Sky because you only live once. If you're not a skier (or even if you are), you may never have heard of The Big Couloir. But, if you're someone who likes to ski all of the most challenging trails around the country or the world, this one might be on your bucket list.

The Big Couloir

Set in the northern Rocky Mountains and offering 5,850 acres of skiable terrain, skiers of all abilities come from all over the world to experience Big Sky. But of all the trails, The Big Couloir is arguably the most renowned ski run at the resort, accessible via The Loan Peak Tram. The Lone Peak Tram takes skiers and riders to 11,166 feet above sea level, from where three states and two National Parks are visible. 

The view from up there is incredible, and on the way up, skiers can't help but notice The Big Couloir, also known as "The Big."

Skiers must check-in with ski patrol, acquire an avalanche beacon, and find an experienced partner before dropping into the 1,400 vertical drop, which begins with a 50% incline. The pitch decreases to about 35-40 degrees about halfway down, allowing for wider turns for the last 1,000 vertical feet.

Only two people are allowed up simultaneously, and the second skier must wait 15 minutes before dropping in to allow the first skier plenty of time to make their way down the chute. Although Eric traveled to Montana with a group of 42 people, no one else was quite as excited about mastering The Big Couloir, so he found someone on the mountain who also needed a partner.

"The experience was amazing; it was beautiful, but also exhausting," Eric said.

Ski Season is Far From Over

Though Eric is back from his trip to Montana (and in one piece, thankfully!), he is nowhere close to done skiing for the season. His ski plans for the remainder of the season include scheduled trips to Switzerland, Sunday River, Jay Peak, and Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington. Stay tuned for our next blog, which will offer an inside scoop on this famous bowl on the East Coast, along with tips for preparing to ski Tuckerman's.