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So many leaves!!!

So many leaves!!!

| November 09, 2022

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by leaves?


Last week I had enough leaves to entirely cover my ten-year old while standing up!



Fall leaves sure are gorgeous, but with the wind winds the blanket of leaves on my yard seems never-ending!


Thankfully, my community is going through the same thing. Neighbors and friends began to reach out with help – a tarp, an extra mower to chop the leaves up, some leaf bags to collect them in. An intimidating task began to warm my heart with the care and support I got from others without asking!


Anytime I stop, take a deep breath, and keep moving forward things seem to work out.


Try to remember to live for this moment because it is the only one you can completely control.


If you are feeling similar worries about changes in your portfolio, cost of living that has risen, or just want reassurance, remember that Eric is here to help.


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Take care of you!